HYDRANODE is a manager of channels on the Bitcoin Lightning Network (BTC-LN) using the TOR anonymization network. This network enables speedy and cheap transactions, but the reliability of which is dependent on the quality of the operating NOD. Configuring a high-quality and functional NODE requires considerable knowledge of the issues in Linux server administration, security, and mechanics of transactions with opening or closing the channels. That's not all. In addition, if you want to implement Bitcoin Lightning (BTC-LN) transactions into your business, you must also master the technicalities of recording transactions and correctly accounting following local legislation. HYDRANODE can help you with all of this.


Dynamic network

HYDRA operates a dynamic network of LN channels, which is constantly optimized based on the requirements of our clients. HYDRA is a virtual entity operating across all continents outside jurisdictions, and your place of business is, therefore, not territorially limited. You can consequently collect revenues anywhere within the range of an internet connection.

HYDRANODE primarily takes care of two things:

1. ensures the technical collection of trade receivables for the benefit of our clients exclusively on the blockchain of the primary cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, and its derived LN channels as a secondary payment network.

2. provides interval settlement and transfer of collections to the client's crypto wallets.

Who is HYDRANODE suitable for?

1. for entrepreneurs who entrust the collection of their receivables to their employees. A special TERMINAL is made for each business entity, which is used by any employee of the business exclusively for debt collection only.
2. for sole proprietors to collect receipts in unknown or unsafe environments.
Revenue is collected locally by the TERMINAL but is collected on a remote server outside the local reach of unsafe elements.
3. for collection operations of a business where the business cannot be physically present.
4. for lay crypt fans, the collection can be used as protection from an inflationary economy.
5. therefore, for those who like crypto and want to participate in a free decentralized crypto-economy right now.

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