Transfer of funds

In our case, ensuring the client's confidence that their proceeds are safe and collected in their HYDRANODE account is essential. HYDRANODE is not a bank, and it is not in its interest to hold client funds for longer than contractually agreed.

In this case, it is even very disadvantageous to hold client funds at HYDRANODE from a purely technical point of view. The capacity of the channels is capped from above, and if they were to fill up, HYDRANODE would lose the ability to accept reimbursements for other clients.


Therefore, the settlement process is necessary to transfer the accumulated resources from the sales directly to the clients' wallets as quickly as possible and thus keep the channels in a state capable of continued acceptance of further transactions. The settlement and transfer interval is contracted with each client individually or is carried out immediately upon request by the client.

Transfer scheme

In order to prevent attempts to make unauthorized revenue payments to a stranger, HYDRA provides a system of double verification of the competent person. The competent person has both communication channels under his/her control - email and SIGNAL messenger. The procedure is simple: the owner/competent person asks for the payment of sales in the way he/she wants - by email, by phone, or by Signal. The operator sends him/her a complete financial settlement via email (published on the map) - documents where the exact value of the transfer is indicated. The owner checks the settlement and sends an LN invoice for the exact amount shown in the financial settlement. The LN Invoice will not be sent to the operator by email but exclusively to the encrypted SIGNAL messenger. The operator never talks to anyone about the amount of sales! The operator will check the amount on the settlement sent to the client with the amount on the LN invoice issued by the client and, in case of a match, will immediately transfer the payment. In case of a mismatch, he/she does not transfer the amount and immediately cuts off communication with the potential attacker. In the case of an attack, the next opportunity for payment of revenue is delayed by at least 24 hours.

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